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Communication in foreign languages: Foreign languages

Digital competence (ICT)

Learning skills


Kye competences: Cross-Curricular links Activities aimed at the acquisition of key competences
1 Communication in foreign languages: Foreign languages Mastering the techniques for creating an argumentative text in Bulgarian as a basis for developing argumentative skills in foreign language communication.

Participation in discussions on topics related to cultural diversity – a prerequisite for developing interest in intercultural communication and foreign languages.

2 Digital competence (ICT) Develop the ability to communicate electronically through the use of speech etiquette formulas.

The use of multimedia in presenting information according to set parameters.

3 Learning Skills Developing an ability to use information effectively by searching, retrieving and presenting it from literary texts.

Develop effective time management skills by completing time-bound communicative tasks.

Developing social skills for cooperation (partnership), for sharing and exchanging knowledge (learning from each other), for analyzing and integrating different points of view through participation in dialogue, discussions and group work.

Developing the ability to evaluate problems, ideas, theses and arguments in accordance with their own experience through specific communicative tasks.

4 Cultural awareness and creativity: fine arts, music Writing an essay on an issue related to the cultural awareness of modern man, as a basis for improving students’ cultural competences (developed through music and art education).


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