Rethinking the traditional rhetorical paradigm

Rhetoric for Innovative Learning / Education in Schools

Innovative Teaching of Rhetoric in Schools

The members of the team from the Institute of Rhetoric and Communication take as basic, innovative and successful the experience in learning and teaching rhetoric and argumentation to students in schools in Slovenia presented by Igor Zagar.

According to this method, teaching can begin with shareholders, with the latest rhetorical canon, or as it is precisely put:

Besides the amendments I have already mentioned, here are, in rather general terms, the main changes we are going to introduce, based on systematic consultations with some 20 teachers of rhetoric in primary schools, as well as with different experts from different fields.

When teaching the canons of rhetoric, we are not going to start with inventio, but with actio. Why? It is a didactic decision. Rhetoric is being taught in the 9th grade, which is the last year of our primary schools. Through all their schooling, through all those previous years, they were systematically exposed to and actively participated in different kinds of „oral presentation“. Therefore, we thought it would be more appropriate, a „softer“ start in a way, if they are introduced to rhetoric with something they already know and give this knowledge a theoretical and
technical foundation.

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