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This website is an Open Educational Resource (OER) that attempts to fill in the gap in the online teaching of rhetoric. It was mostly developed during RHEFINE project and it was coordinated by the Institute of rhetoric and communication from Sofia, Bulgaria. Project members were gathering learning material and resources, recording podcasts and showing various practices. After the initial formation of the OER the project team hopes it will continue to grow an audience promoting rhetoric in the digital sphere, but also constantly grow content by adding new material.

The material is organized in the following way: the subpage Resources offer plenty of resources in different categories, ranging from argumentation, examples of speech and learning materials. More focused learning materials are gathered on the subpage Speech Preparation Guidelines. Therefore, a quick guide on how to prepare public speeches is readily available. Finally, Podcasts on various rhetorical topics can be listened to on three different platforms.

Hopefully, teaching rhetoric, public speaking or communication skills can be RHEFINEd by visiting this OER.

Output 5

O5 Teaching rhetoric online: open resources

Open / online / digital education – Open Education Resource (OER) – academic teachers often lack skills essential for effective online teaching. – Academic teacher need a comprehensive guide to online teaching practices: tools, methods, problem solving, etc. – Academic teachers need inspiration how to manage online discussions effectively. Another problem is to find good online tools for specific activities: brainstorming, discussion, consultation, etc. – it will prepare tutorials for academic teachers with useful tips how to teach rhetoric effectively using various online tools. – The podcasts will be disseminated via the project website. – They will also be presented during a seminar and the E2 event. – In the preparation phase of the project we diagnosed needs and problems concerning teaching rhetoric online. M3- – M3: IoRC will propose a list of themes for podcasts and presentations. This list will be discussed and accepted by all participating institutions. IoRC will decide which tasks will be delegated to other partners. IoRC will also present the standards for these materials (templates for presentations, file formats etc.). – The materials will be reviewed by specialists (mainly from UNIZG, but also from institutions cooperating with the project – PTR and/or Speech Coach). After final approval, they will be published on the project website. We plan to disseminate these results via social media and academic channels (portals, conferences, research papers).